How Much Does It Really Cost To Build A Mobile App

October 26, 2016
As you might expect, there’s a lot of misinformation and mystery surrounding the true cost of building an app. It may actually...   Read more »

7 Startups That Won At Creating Apps For Millennials

October 19, 2016
Whether we’re talking about iOS app development or Android app development, we’re often met with questions about what app ideas will connect...   Read more »

How To Prototype A Mobile App And Leave A Lasting Impression On Investors

October 12, 2016
Mobile app investors are met with a plethora of pitches in their inboxes every day. Building and launching a prototype for your...   Read more »

The 3 Frameworks You Need To Design & Launch An App That Sticks

October 5, 2016
You probably already know that Google Play and the Apple App Store have helped app makers make millions… …and created a huge,...   Read more »

The Mobile Midas Touch: The 10 Investors Who Helped Turn Mobile Apps To Gold

October 4, 2016 predicts that in 2019 the total number of smartphone users will pass 2.6 billion. As more and more people from around the globe...   Read more »

Brilliant Product Managers & The Philosophies That Led To Some Of The Most Engaging Products Ever

September 21, 2016
“Product leaders don’t play the game, but they are judged by the record of their products,” Adam Nash proclaimed in a presentation...   Read more »

5 Things Every Startup Should Know Before Hiring An App Agency

September 13, 2016
TL;DR – Building apps is hard. App Agencies can help. Every day I hear from tech startups planning to build apps –...   Read more »

We Were Just Named Top App Developer In Canada: 5 Things We Learned Along The Way

September 7, 2016
Last week, we were thrilled to see that MindSea was again ranked as one of the top app developers in Canada. We...   Read more »

7 Must Read Books Recommended By Some Of The Best Startup & Product Designers In The World

Imagine if you could tap into the library of one of the best UX designers or Product designers in the industry to...   Read more »

MindSea Continues to Top the List of Canadian App Developers

September 1, 2016
We’re excited to announce that MindSea was again named as a Leader among Canadian App Developers and the Top Halifax App Developer...   Read more »

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