Mobile Prototyping with Xcode

February 12, 2016
We’ve used a number of mobile prototyping tools over the years to go from initial concept to interactive prototype. We’ve used a...   Read more »

iAds and changes to app purchases affect publishers worldwide

January 25, 2016
Apple recently enacted pricing tiers on in-app purchases in select countries and announced the end of iAds, both of which may require...   Read more »

Mobile App Support: Tools and Tips

January 18, 2016
What sets apart the good from the great? In our experience it’s great design and an unparalleled user experience, improved further with...   Read more »

A UX Designer’s Review of iPad Pro

January 8, 2016
iPad Pro, along with Apple Pencil has completely changed the way we work. It’s saving us time by allowing us to iterate on designs much more quickly, and it fits into our current workflow like a glove.   Read more »

Apple iOS 9’s deep linking feature is invaluable for driving audience engagement

December 15, 2015
The release of deep linking in iOS 9 offers an opportunity for publishers to provide a direct bridge...   Read more »

How App Developers Quickly Iterate Mobile News Apps

December 11, 2015
Integrating simple yet powerful user feedback features allows publishers to collaborate with customers in much more effective ways.   Read more »

Publishers, Prepare for these 6 Mobile News App Trends

October 26, 2015
When planning for 2016 consider these 6 trends to stay ahead in the ever changing digital landscape. New innovative touch based technologies...   Read more »

3 Tips to Educate Mobile App Users

August 28, 2015
Looking for some inspiration to spark your next design? Below we share our thoughts on user onboarding, feedback and empty states. In...   Read more »

MindSea Mobile Hackathon

August 29, 2014
Interested in building mobile applications? Join us for a day of creativity and learning! Developers, designers, and creators of all stripes are...   Read more »

Chronicle Herald App Wins Second Place in INMA Global Competition

May 15, 2014
The International News Media Association (INMA) awarded The Chronicle Herald app a second-place finish in their global competition on Tuesday night. The awards ceremony was held in San Francisco during the 84th Annual INMA World Congress.   Read more »

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