MindSea Mobile Hackathon

August 29, 2014
Interested in building mobile applications? Join us for a day of creativity and learning! Developers, designers, and creators of all stripes are...   Read more »

Chronicle Herald App Wins Second Place in INMA Global Competition

May 15, 2014
The International News Media Association (INMA) awarded The Chronicle Herald app a second-place finish in their global competition on Tuesday night. The awards ceremony was held in San Francisco during the 84th Annual INMA World Congress.   Read more »

Up and Running with MindSea: Doing it the Right Way

April 28, 2014
This post is about doing things the right way instead of the easy way. It's about taking time to write properly abstracted, modularized code instead of one giant class. In order to make that point, I'm going to talk about two things relating to my brief time at MindSea: ramping up and abstractions.    Read more »

Mobile App Prototyping for Designers with Xcode Storyboards

June 3, 2013
We’ve used a number of tools to prototype apps over the years to go from initial concept to interactive prototype. Most of...   Read more »

Cross-platform App design for iOS and Android

May 10, 2013
MindSea recently developed the East Coast Music Association (ECMA) app that showcases East Coast artists and the Music Week festival. The timeline...   Read more »

App Localization Case Study: Etchings Goes Global

April 11, 2013
In December 2012 we released Etchings 1.5, which includes translations for 7 additional languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. It's been out for a few months now, giving us a chance to reflect on our effort and observe the results.   Read more »

Event Marketing On The Go: Bringing Artists & Fans Together

March 8, 2013
In partnership with the East Coast Music Association, MindSea designed and launched an innovative app for iPhone and Android music fans. Co-written by both teams, this case study describes what we did together.    Read more »

Infographic: From Mobile Pitch To Market Success

March 7, 2013
How do you go from mobile pitch to app store success? There’s no single formula, but you can increase your odds of a winning app by following our infographic roadmap and downloading our App Design Checklist.   Read more »

The Second Halifax Instawalk – a Success!

February 25, 2013
Our second Halifax Instawalk took place Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Seaport Farmers Market. From the market, we travelled to the Westin...   Read more »

Etchings App Photo Contest

February 8, 2013
We want to recognize the best images made with Etchings (www.etchingsapp.com) by holding a contest on Instagram! Use the Etchings app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to create amazing images and win!   Read more »

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