MindSea creates beautiful apps to grow your business and delight your users.

Our award-winning team has deep expertise in mobile design, publishing, and delivery of iPhone, iPad, and Android app solutions.

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Why MindSea?

1 Mobile Focus & Expertise

Since 2009, we’ve focused exclusively on mobile app projects. The result? An incredibly strong team with a proven delivery model. We’ll bring true mobile expertise to your project and company.

2 Brilliant Design

Technology is important, but no amount of programming can make up for lackluster design. That’s why we start with envisioning and mobile design, and then map out a fantastic user experience before starting development. View our portfolio

3 App Store Results

With over 1 million apps in the App Store already, how can you launch a new app and build a large user base over night? The best way to win new users is by producing an amazing app that Apple is likely to feature in the App Store.

Being featured by Apple has a huge impact on downloads and revenue.

We’ve learned what it takes to create feature-worthy apps, and over 50% of our iOS apps have been featured by Apple in the App Store.

4 Team-Powered Delivery

We've invested in building an expert mobile team because creating beautiful apps requires many different skills: envisioning, design, development, integration, project management, and testing to name a few.

5 Time to Market

Working with MindSea means you can get to market faster without the technical ramp-up time and learning curve of in-house mobile development.

6 Local

Great mobile apps come about through creative collaboration, which is hard to achieve with overseas time differences and language barriers. Our designers and developers work side by side in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and we serve clients across the US and Canada.

7 Blueprint Results

Before writing a line of code, we work with you to brainstorm, envision, and design your ideal app in a 3 step Blueprint process. This creates a very clear picture of the app up front so we can reduce everyone’s risk, minimize rework, and offer fixed price project delivery.

The Chronicle Herald app is a great example of the power of the Blueprint approach. Their new app won a Best of 2013 designation in the Apple App Store, alongside the NY Times and Rolling Stone Magazine iPad apps. View Case Study Video

Core Team

  • Amanda Somers

  • Bill Wilson

  • Denholm Fraser

  • Joel Glanfield

  • Kris Luttmer

  • Mike Burke

  • Nick Woodman

  • Nolan Waite

  • Raymond Edwards

  • Reuben Hall

  • Sarah Riley

  • Serge Boinn

  • Swati Chaudhary

  • You — We’re Hiring!

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MindSea Team

Current Positions

Since 2007, MindSea Development has built many world-class apps used by millions of people around the world. Our team is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia and serves clients across the US and Canada.

We believe that the best apps start with a great idea, so MindSea collaborates closely with its clients to understand their vision and turn it into a leading mobile app.

Our team of experienced professionals has deep expertise in mobile design, development, integration, and project delivery for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

What We Offer

  • A dynamic and creative open-concept work environment
  • The latest hardware and tools
  • A fun startup atmosphere, surrounded by a number of other great startups
  • Competitive salaries

We're always looking for talented people

Please send your resume (web-based profiles are fine) to Bill Wilson at jobs@mindsea.com.

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