How We Take Inspiration From Disney To Create A More Customer-Centric App Agency

Today I’m going to share with you something we’ve never really talked about outside the walls of MindSea. It’s the secret sauce...   Read more »

Four Ways Startups Can Get On The Radar Of Angel Investors & VCs (Without Being Annoying)

People who succeed at raising capital do three things very well: They bounce back from rejection They create a great product story...   Read more »

8 Things To Do Before You Publish An App To The App Store

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after years of publishing apps to the app store, it’s this: Success isn’t guaranteed. While some...   Read more »

The Difference Between A Great Startup Designer And A Mediocre One

When a startup launches an app that absolutely takes off, it’s no happy accident. It’s the byproduct of having a top-notch startup...   Read more »

Six Powerful Mobile Trends That The Best CMOs Are Paying Attention To

Mobile usage is way up. People love their smartphones. 77% of American adults now own a smartphone. That’s up 35 percent from...   Read more »

How A Great Mobile App Can Help Achieve Your Business Goals

You’re frustrated by the lack of innovation coming out of your company. And you’re convinced that your team is OK with simply...   Read more »

What Are The Risks Of Outsourcing Startup Design For Apps or Products?

What’s the number one thing that keeps startups from succeeding? According to a research report from CB Insights based on the post-mortems...   Read more »

How To Know When You’re Ready To Launch A Mobile App

Want to hear something kinda crazy? Over the past few years, the app development and design team at MindSea has collaborated on,...   Read more »

Should Startups Outsource App Design Or Hire For It?

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that building a startup is hard. The people steering the ship have to...   Read more »

How To Pick The Right Agency To Design Your Mobile App

A few weeks ago, I was travelling with the team and we were stumped trying to pick a place to eat. We...   Read more »

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