The Infographic Road Map To Make Your Mobile App Reach & Land Five Stars

You’ve built your dream app, and the pre-launch hype is off the charts! It’s now live in the App Store and Google...   Read more »

What You Missed At MindSea’s Last Mobile Hackathon!

We’ve always known building things for pocket-sized computers is awesome, and we wanted to share our enthusiasm. In June we held a...   Read more »

Agency Spotter Names MindSea One Of The Top 20 Digital Agencies

We’re excited to announce Agency Spotter calling us one of the Top 20 Digital Agencies in their quarterly report! Agency Spotter is a...   Read more »

How To Make An App That Reaches For And Achieves Five Stars

OK, so imagine you’ve got this truly awesome, totally engaging app and you’re live in the App and Google Play Stores. It’s...   Read more »

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to share your idea

I get a lot of calls from app startup founders. Several a day. Most of them are in a very early stage...   Read more »

What We Learned From Studying Some Of The Top Mobile Apps For 2016

Our smartphones are increasingly becoming extensions of ourselves – and apps are responsible. App makers continue to push the envelope, innovating with...   Read more »

How To Find Your Role On A Mobile Project

Is your company thinking about developing a mobile offering? Are you hoping to head up the project? Maybe even position yourself as...   Read more »

How Long Does It Really Take To Build A Mobile App?

When it comes to scheduling projects or determining timeframes, there’s a famous business idiom you might have heard (especially if you’ve ever...   Read more »

How Much Does It Really Cost To Build A Mobile App

As you might expect, there’s a lot of misinformation and mystery surrounding the true cost of building an app. It may actually...   Read more »

5 Things Every Startup Should Know Before Hiring An App Agency

TL;DR – Building apps is hard. App Agencies can help. Every day I hear from tech startups planning to build apps –...   Read more »

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