Expert Round Up: 19 Designers Share Their Best Advice For Startup Founders

We all want to design products that people love. No doubt you’ve had buggy app experiences that made your blood pressure rise....   Read more »

What You Missed At MindSea’s Last Mobile Hackathon!

We’ve always known building things for pocket-sized computers is awesome, and we wanted to share our enthusiasm. In June we held a...   Read more »

Why Even The Most Boring Industries Are Investing In Mobile Apps

There’s no question that every industry is different. Some industries are frequently disruptive and constantly in the press, and others fly under...   Read more »

Agency Spotter Names MindSea One Of The Top 20 Digital Agencies

We’re excited to announce Agency Spotter calling us one of the Top 20 Digital Agencies in their quarterly report! Agency Spotter is a...   Read more »

What Questions Should You Ask A Mobile App Developer Before Hiring Them

You’ve heard over and over again that mobile is changing the world. You’ve seen the stats: 80% of internet users own a...   Read more »

Planning With Purpose: How To Start Your App Process On The Right Foot

Ever wonder how some teams create brilliant onboarding experiences, perfect user flows and mobile app launches that would make a rocket jealous…...   Read more »

What Are The Risks Of Outsourcing Startup Design For Apps or Products?

What’s the number one thing that keeps startups from succeeding? According to a research report from CB Insights based on the post-mortems...   Read more »

Six Great Audiobooks For Startup Founders & Product People

One thing that every startup founder never seems to have enough of is time. There’s not enough time to review every line...   Read more »

Five Insightful TED Talks That Every Startup Founder Should Watch

The internet has made it easy for anyone to learn from anyone else in the world. We have more access to information...   Read more »

The One Thing Every App Should Have Before Going Live In The App Store

Your new mobile app is pixel perfect. You’re in the middle of trying to raise money or develop a Minimum Viable Product...   Read more »

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