How To Know When You’re Ready To Launch A Mobile App

Want to hear something kinda crazy? Over the past few years, the app development and design team at MindSea has collaborated on,...   Read more »

How To Make An App That Reaches For And Achieves Five Stars

OK, so imagine you’ve got this truly awesome, totally engaging app and you’re live in the App and Google Play Stores. It’s...   Read more »

5 Ways That Startups Are Going To Use Mobile To Disrupt Industries

We’ve all seen the buzzword disruption thrown around over the last couple of years. Nowhere is disruption easier to see than in...   Read more »

How To Recruit, Attract And Close The Best Product Designers

The demand for quality product designers is insane. In 2016, product designers were the most in-demand talent in the tech industry according...   Read more »

When Should Early Stage Startups Hire UX Designers?

Congratulations. You closed your first round of funding, launched your minimum viable product or maybe even bootstrapped your way to a handful...   Read more »

How To Pick The Right Agency To Design Your Mobile App

A few weeks ago, I was travelling with the team and we were stumped trying to pick a place to eat. We...   Read more »

Five Things Startups Need Before Launching A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Pop quiz: What recent approach to building startups has changed the tech industry? The MVP. Also known as Minimum Viable Product.  The term was coined...   Read more »

Ending The Debate: Should Startups Outsource Design Or Hire For It?

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that building a startup is hard. The people steering the ship have to...   Read more »

How The Best App Teams Build & Launch Habit Forming Apps

What do cigarettes, liquor and Facebook have in common? They’re addictive. Or at least that was the way Y Combinator founder Paul...   Read more »

What We Learned From Studying Some Of The Top Mobile Apps For 2016

Our smartphones are increasingly becoming extensions of ourselves – and apps are responsible. App makers continue to push the envelope, innovating with...   Read more »

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