How Much Does It Cost To Redesign An Old App Into Something New?

It happens to the best of us. We get old. And just as we get old, the apps we love get old...   Read more »

App Development For SaaS Products: 5 Questions To Ask Before Going Mobile

The mobile SaaS market is quickly becoming impossible to ignore. Why? It’s projected to reach $19.7 billion this year. The overall SaaS...   Read more »

When Should You Launch An App For Your Ecommerce Store?

It wasn’t too long ago that store owners were asking if they really needed a website. After all, they already had a...   Read more »

27 Important Mobile App Stats That Every Startup Should Know

If you know anything about the app industry, you know that it’s constantly changing. That means that what is popular right now...   Read more »

The Difference Between A Great Startup Designer And A Mediocre One

When a startup launches an app that absolutely takes off, it’s no happy accident. It’s the byproduct of having a top-notch startup...   Read more »

Mobile App Advice From Some Of The Best SaaS Product Designers

It’s one thing to create a successful web app; it’s another thing to create an accompanying mobile app that lives up to...   Read more »

Six Powerful Mobile Trends That The Best CMOs Are Paying Attention To

Mobile usage is way up. People love their smartphones. 77% of American adults now own a smartphone. That’s up 35 percent from...   Read more »

Understanding The Role & Impact That Color Plays In App Design

If you’ve ever wondered… What color should my app icon be? Does the color of an app logo have any influence on...   Read more »

MindSea’s Fifth Halifax Instawalk!

The Fifth Halifax Instawalk is coming up soon! It’s happening Saturday, September 16th from 12-2 pm. Whats an Instawalk you ask? An...   Read more »

How To Pitch Your App To Investors & Leave A Great Impression (With A Checklist)

When it comes to raising capital for your startup, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about the value of storytelling for one lifetime....   Read more »

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