Six Great Audiobooks For Startup Founders & Product People

One thing that every startup founder never seems to have enough of is time. There’s not enough time to review every line...   Read more »

Five Insightful TED Talks That Every Startup Founder Should Watch

The internet has made it easy for anyone to learn from anyone else in the world. We have more access to information...   Read more »

The One Thing Every App Should Have Before Going Live In The App Store

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What 300 Of The Top iPhone Apps Can Teach Us About App Icon Design

As of 2017, Android and Apple users have more than 2.2 million apps to choose from in both Google Play and the...   Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To Understanding User Experience Design [Resource]

Want to hear a crazy stat? 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a product after a bad experience. And...   Read more »

Old-School Design Practices That Are No Longer Effective For Mobile

There’s something special about turning on the radio and hearing a classic hit from your teens. It’s a blast from the past...   Read more »

How To Know When You’re Ready To Launch A Mobile App

Want to hear something kinda crazy? Over the past few years, the app development and design team at MindSea has collaborated on,...   Read more »

How To Make An App That Reaches For And Achieves Five Stars

OK, so imagine you’ve got this truly awesome, totally engaging app and you’re live in the App and Google Play Stores. It’s...   Read more »

5 Ways That Startups Are Going To Use Mobile To Disrupt Industries

We’ve all seen the buzzword disruption thrown around over the last couple of years. Nowhere is disruption easier to see than in...   Read more »

How To Recruit, Attract And Close The Best Product Designers

The demand for quality product designers is insane. In 2016, product designers were the most in-demand talent in the tech industry according...   Read more »

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