Postmedia Network Newspaper Apps Postmedia Network Newspaper Apps

Postmedia Network Newspaper Apps

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Postmedia Network is the largest publisher of daily newspapers in Canada, representing some of the country’s oldest and best known media brands.

MindSea has developed apps for their biggest newspapers including the Vancouver Sun, The Province, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Regina Leader-Post, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star and Montreal Gazette.

Cross platform design on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android keeps readers up to date throughout the day with breaking local, national and international news, stories that come to life through vivid photo and video galleries, and ways for readers to be part of news and information as it happens.

  • Breaking News Alerts: News as it happens.
  • Stories come to life: Award winning photos and unique videos.
  • Tap less – read more: Find relevant news faster with the “Related Articles” feature.
  • Spread the news: Share the latest news via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Built by MindSea in collaboration with Postmedia Network Inc.

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